Parsi Experiences

While we love cooking and serving delicious Parsi food for your parties & corporate events, sometimes that’s just not enough. Which is why we provide a range of immersive Parsi experiences for individuals as well as groups of between 4 – 15 people. Be it a cooking class, a home-dining experience or a food walk, all of our Parsi experiences can be completely customised to suit your group’s requirements.

Cooking Classes

The best way to learn how to cook is to get your hands dirty. We provide immersive personalised cooking classes at my home in Dadar, Mumbai where you cook everything from scratch. Our classes are typically 2 – 2.5 hours in duration and we teach a complete menu of a starter, main course and dessert. However, what you want to learn is up to you and you are free to choose dishes of your choice from our menu – of course, we are here to help as required. As part of the class fee you will receive a detailed recipe sheet, personalised instructions and a portion of everything you cook to take home for your family. Due to the space constraints the maximum number of people we can host at home is four. Larger groups can be accommodated at one of our partner cooking studios within the city. Email me on for group prices based on your requirements.

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Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours | Fee: ₹3500 per person depending on menu and group size

Home Dining

It’s common knowledge that the best Parsi food is had at someone’s home. We organise a range of home-dining experiences for groups of 4 – 12 people at my home in Mumbai’s largest Parsi colony, Dadar Parsi Colony. Perfect for birthday parties, networking events or family gatherings, the menu for our home-dining experiences can be completely customised based on your guest preferences. The food is served buffet style and we take care of everything – all you have to do is show up. If you’re looking for a more immersive experience we also offer a cooking class or a food walk which is followed up with a lunch or high tea at the house

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Duration: Upto 4 hours | Fee: ₹1000 – 3000 per person based on menu and group size

Food Walks

We often get asked what our favourite Parsi restaurants or establishments are in the city and the truth is that each place has its own specialty. So why go to one restaurant when you can spend a fun afternoon exploring Mumbai’s Parsi heritage in its entirety. We offer personalised food walks for groups of 4-10 people and undertake them in Fort, Grant Road and Dadar. The walks range from 2 – 3km in length and feature a mixture of Irani bakeries, Snack Outlets and Full Service Restaurants so that you are well fed for the duration of the trip. If you have a particular dish or restaurant in mind, let us know and we can even customise a walk around it. Our fee includes the cost of all the food you eat during the trip along with a box of Parsi goodies to take home as souvenirs.

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Duration: 3 hours | Fee: ₹10,000 per group of four. If you are under 4 people, a customised fee can be worked out

Aside from these experiences, we are always open to working with you and your guests to design something to suit your requirements be it a customised breakfast, a walk in a local market or even a kids party revolving around Parsi food. Drop me an email – we would love to work with you!