Papeta, Salami, Cheese Croquettes


In Mumbai, the monsoon has arrived with full force. The grey clouds threaten rain every day and on some days it just pours and pours. I love the monsoons. What I love even better is some 4pm fried goodness like the Batata Wada or Onion Bhajiyas.

But, when it’s flooding who wants to step out of their cozy homes? So, I ended up making some papeta (potato) croquettes at home to satisfy the cravings. This is really an adhoc recipe so if you are looking at making it on a rainy afternoon next to you, I suggest not shopping for these specific ingredients if they aren’t there at home but just substituting as needed.

To make about 6 (you really shouldn’t make more as they always disappear in a jiffy) you will need:
3 small boiled potatoes
2 slices cheese
4 thin slices chicken salami
A handful of coriander
Feijoa chutney (or any chutney in the fridge really like green chutney, gor-amli chutney or just some basic spices if the pantry is really bare)
1/2 cup rawa (semolina) to bind the ingredients
Salt to taste
Oil to shallow fry

Simply mix everything in a plate. Roll into croquettes. Fry. Eat

*I suggest you serve it with some hot elaichi tea. Tastes even better if you sit on the balcony and watch the rain go by while listening to some sad lover hindi songs.



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