Lagan nu Custard Icecream

Lagan nu Custard IceCream

Lagan nu Custard IceCream

Last week for Pateti and Navroze we had a special menu for which I made a lot of Lagan nu Custard. I have a problem cooking for two and always end up with leftovers which is why at the end of all the feasting I still had a big bowl of custard that I did not know what to do with.

Having recently found a very successful, low effort recipe for ice-cream I decided to foodvent (my own term for food invention) a new Parsi creation – the Lagan nu Custard ice-cream. On telling my relatives about the project I was going to embark on, I was met with great doubt and scared looking faces – this reaction however changed completely upon seeing how amazing the ice-cream looked once freezed.

So without much ado and much pride, I present to you the Bawi Bride’s Lagan nu Custard Ice-Cream…(ingredients below the post as always). If you are still in doubt about how it would taste, check out what the Tiny Taster has to say about it first. 

To make, first whip the egg whites on high speed until they form peaks. Slowly add in the sugar and keep whipping to create a glossy meringue that has doubled in size

1. Whipped Eggs and Sugar

 Next, vigorously whisk the yellow of the eggs

2. Whisked Egg Yolks

Once, that’s done now it’s time to whisk the cream – yes, I know it is indeed a lot of whisking!

4. Whipped Cream

 Now comes the yummy part, chopping up all the leftover Lagan nu Custard into tiny pieces while resisting the urge to stuff your face with it.

3. Chopped Lagan nu Custard

 After prepping all these separate ingredients, slowly fold in the egg yolks, cream and custard into the egg white and sugar meringue. Add in the vanilla essence into the mixture now too.

5. Final Mixture

 Make sure that everything is combined without over-mixing. Empty into a plastic box that can be put in the freezer and garnish with cinnamon

6. In the box for freezing

 Freeze this mixture in an airtight container for atleast 5 – 6 hours. I suggest checking it at the 3 – 4 hour mark and just mixing everything one more time to prevent ice crystals from forming. The next day, serve the ice-cream with some more Lagan nu Custard on the side (go on I dare you) – enjoy!

7. Icecream w Lagan nu Custard


To make enough for 6 you will need:

4 eggs separated
100 gm caster sugar
300 ml fresh cream
1 tsp vanilla essence
a big bowl of left-over Lagan nu Custard
1 tsp cinnamon for garnish


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      Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth. You are right, it never gets quite as fluffy or double in volume but it sure is rich and creamy! I just give it a whip for about 5 mins and then mix it in. Alternatively, you can also use Tropolite?


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