BawiSasu ni Kaju Chicken

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Editors’ Note: It’s been a while since I last posted on the blog and there really is no excuse so I won’t give you one. But, I’m back now from my little blog break and promise to post more regularly as I have a big pile of recipes that I have been trying out but haven’t had the chance to write about.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will have heard of tales of my Mamaiji’s Curry and my Grandpa’s Kebabs. There’s even been talk of my favourite Lagan no Patio that my mom makes for me every time I visit her. However, a person who I haven’t spoken about but now plays an important part in my life is my mother-in-law, Hutoxi a.k.a. #BawiSasu.

I have been blessed to get married into a family that loves food as much as my parents and grandparents did – in fact when we were getting married and #BawaGroom asked me what I would like renovated most in their home  both me and #BawiSasu unanimously picked the kitchen. A decision that hopefully speaks about our mutual love for cooking and eating great food.

I first came across #BawiSasu’s Kaju Chicken when she made it for some of her childhood friends that had come over to our house. Deliciously rich this chicken dish is a twist on the Parsi ‘Khari Chicken’ made in many households and uses a generous amount of cashews to lend the chicken a creamy flavour. It is mind boggingly easy to make and would be perfect for that Sunday dinner when you want something fancy without spending hours in the kitchen. Ingredients at the bottom as always.


To make #BawiSasu ni Kaju Chicken the most important step is the masala. In a blender, grind the khaman (dessicated coconut), khas khas, cashews and green chillies to make a smooth paste. If required, add in more green chillies to make it spicier or more cashews if you would like it to be richer. In a saucepan, add some oil and fry the masala. When the aroma of the cashews and chillies starts wafting across the kitchen, you know the masala is ready.

Cashew Chicken Parsi style

Next, add in the chicken. I use only chicken legs and thighs as it’s fast to cook and yummy to eat but you can use a whole chicken if you so wish. Mix the chicken in with the masala well until all of it is coated.

chicken added to cashew chicken gravy

Add in about 1.5 – 2 cups of water to make the masala into a thick gravy. Note though that the gravy will thicken when the #BawiSasu ni Kaju Chicken cools down so don’t keep it too thick. Also, add in some potato wedges and salt as per your taste.

Add in water and potatoes to Kaju Chicken

Cover the lid and let it all cook for 20 – 25 mins on medium heat until the chicken is cooked through. Enjoy with some home-baked Seekh Kebab Foccacia or garlic bread!

Cashew Chicken Final

To make Kaju Chicken for 6:

1 kg chicken pieces washed
1 tbsp khas khas
150 gm cashews
7 – 8 green chillies
150 gm khaman
3 tbsp oil
2 potatoes chopped
Salt to taste

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  1. Naheed Kapadia says

    Tried out your Kaju Chicken recipe – it was delicious and my girls absolutely loved it! Tried it with a little less dessicated coconut as was not sure how they would like that – but was yummy. And so quick!

  2. says

    Hello Perzen

    I simply loved your blog…
    I am a parsi and love to eat every parsi delicacy and cuisine.
    I just cannot forget Caterer’s Kaizad Patel’s Antheli/Atheli Marghi and Pahari/Pahadi chicken gravy. They were extremely yummiest. If you have idea about those two recipes. Please do share with us..

    Thanks n regards,
    Mrs. Dah..

  3. Delna C. says

    I am Parsi, and I make this a little differently. Powder cashews and add them last, I don’t use khaman at all, but basic masala is the same. Lovely, rich dish–and saying this in spite of no great love for chicken.

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