Best Kept Secrets – Eedu Edition

Dolly Mummy's Sali per Eedu

The Eedu edition of #BestKeptSecrets is a book that is really close to my heart.

I thought about this special version of the book a few days after the first one was published when I was discussing the community’s love for the humble egg with a friend over a cup of coffee. She was shocked that I wasn’t a big fan of eggs and promptly started to name a variety of dishes I must try which would convert my ‘mental allergy’ for eggs and make me an ‘Eedu-Lover’.

While that hasn’t happened quite as yet, I was truly amazed at the variety of submissions I received for this specially curated Eedu edition. From a carb-laden Punjabi egg fiesta to a French Toast that’s only available in India, I hope that the pages to follow inspire egg-lovers as well as those sitting on the egg-lovin’ fence.

If you’ve come across the first edition of #BestKeptSecrets you will already know that this is not just any ordinary book. It is a book that is crowd-sourced on social media and is one that is jointly owned by the contributors and myself. I hope that this latest collection of #BestKeptSecrets keeps you entertained and helps you make a wide variety of egg-dishes that can be devoured over breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Before I sign off, I’d like to say a big thank you to all the contributors and to my family for helping me make this book come alive. Thank you also to the two Eedu lovers, Roxanne Bamboat better known as The Tiny Taster and to Rhea Mitra-Dalal of EuphoRHEA for patiently going through all the entries and helping me choose the best stories! And, finally an even bigger thank you to Delnaz Patrawala for patiently helping me design the book.

Download the #BestKeptSecrets Eedu Edition now!