Recipes from the Bawi Bride Kitchen

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Choi Fudna (Mint-Lemongrass) Chicken Wings

Parsis love their ‘Choi-Fudna’ and they love their chicken so here’s a funky combo of Choi-Fudna Chicken Wings to jazz up a Saturday night TV dinner or to impress those guests.

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Anahita’s Bharuchi Paneer Akuri

Chef Manager at Parsi SodaBottleOpenerWala, Anahita Dhondy shares her signature recipe for the Bharuchi Akuri made with paneer instead of eggs!


1-2-3 Masoor

This 1-2-3 recipe for Parsi style Masoor is a sure fire hit in the kitchen and on the dining table.

Kaju Vatena ni Surmai_300x225

Kaju Vatena ni Surmai

A leftover makeover of two indulgent ingredients – cashews and fish. Paired with green peas and served hot with rotis this Kaju Vatena ni Surmai is a delicious treat for a solo or family dinner.

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Chana ni Dar

Low in GI and high in Iron, this Parsi style Chana ni Dar is a perfect meal for pregnant Bawi Brides says guest author, The Good Parsi Wife

Cheese-Eeda Cutlets_300x225

Shirinbai’s Cheese Eeda Cutlets

Made with boiled eggs and oozing with cheese, these cutlets – whose recipe has been shared by my friend’s grandmom – are my most favourite kind yet!

Chicken Farchas_300x225

Parsi style Chicken Farcha

The humble Chicken Farcha cooked with a secret blend of Parsi spices is the bawa equivalent of KFC Chicken. Try making it using my chef Oberoi’s recipe!

Dar ni Pori_300x225

Dar ni Pori

Dar ni Pori – a traditional Parsi tea-time pastry stuffed with sweet lentils – is a popular Parsi snack. Now, make it yourself using this 30 yr old recipe.

Parsi style Fried Fish_300x225

Tareli Machchi (Fried Fish)

While we Parsis love our Patra ni Machchi and Saas ni Machchi, no one talks about our Tareli Machchi. Coated in two spices and fried in 5 minutes, a side of Tareli Machchi can make any jazz up just about any dish it is served with.

French Beans ma Gosht

Jasmine’s French Beans ma Gosht

Parsis love ‘ramakras’ in just about anything like this French Beans ma Gosht recipe which is Jasmine aunty’s family favourite

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