Tales from the Bawi Bride Kitchen

Chicken Farchas_300x225

Parsi style Chicken Farcha

The humble Chicken Farcha cooked with a secret blend of Parsi spices is the bawa equivalent of KFC Chicken. Try making it using my chef Oberoi’s recipe!

Dar ni Pori_300x225

Dar ni Pori

Dar ni Pori – a traditional Parsi tea-time pastry stuffed with sweet lentils – is a popular Parsi snack. Now, make it yourself using this 30 yr old recipe.

Parsi style Fried Fish_300x225

Tareli Machchi (Fried Fish)

While we Parsis love our Patra ni Machchi and Saas ni Machchi, no one talks about our Tareli Machchi. Coated in two spices and fried in 5 minutes, a side of Tareli Machchi can make any jazz up just about any dish it is served with.

French Beans ma Gosht

Jasmine’s French Beans ma Gosht

Parsis love ‘ramakras’ in just about anything like this French Beans ma Gosht recipe which is Jasmine aunty’s family favourite

Salmon Pulao 300x225

Parsi style Salmon Pulao

The salmon pulao infused with Parsi flavours is a treat for the tastebuds and makes for a great celebratory meal.

Badaam Pak_300x225

Armin’s Badaam Pak

In my first collaboration, guest blogger, The Good Parsi Wife shares her recipe for Badaam Pak. A traditional Parsi sweet full of nutritious almonds and ghee, this can be eaten at any time of the day in square shapes or straight from the spoon!

Shehenshahi Pulao for a special occasion

Shehenshahi Kheema Pulao

Made with Kheema, Dry Fruits, Eggs and Cream, the Shehenshahi Kheema Pulao is great for impressing guests and for testing your Parsi Pulao making skills.

Tomato per Eedu

Tanaz’s Tamota per Eedu

We Parsis are a fan of anything-per-eedu. Here is my mom’s friend, Tanaz’s rendition of the Tomato per Eedu – a hot favourite with the entire family!

Sali Boti Pizza

Sali Boti Pizza

Give your left-over Sali Boti a complete make-over and make some Sali Boti Pizza. A wonderful fusion dinner that makes a great treat!

Parsi Sev Final

Sagan ni Parsi Sev

From birthdays to Jashans to weddings, the humble Sev holds pride of place at all Parsi occasions. Made from roasted vermicelli and topped with fried dry-fruits, Parsi Sev can be had for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

PC Cutlets_300x225

Kashmira’s Potato Cheese Cutlets

My childhood friend Kashmira is a fellow Bawi Bride based in Chennai whose husband loves different kinds of Cutlets. Here’s her recipe for Easy Peasy Cheesy Cutlets that won’t take longer than 30 minutes to make.

Kheema Cutlets

Mummy’s Kheema Cutlets

My mom’s Kheema Cutlets are special. They got us through our first year in a new country and gave me a better life. And on Mothers’ Day, here’s her signature Cutlets recipe.

Travel Tales from around the world

Jalebis in Purani Dilli

Eight kms of eating in Purani Dilli

Follow my food trail in Purani Dilli which lasted over eight kms and took us to nine different food joints in Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazaar, Jama Masjid and Daryaganj

Franz Josef Glacier close up

Franz Josef and the wandering boots

Franz Josef was the 4th pit-stop on our 12 day tour of South Island, NZ. Read on to find out what to do, where to eat and the tale of a surprising package that made our trip memorable.