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Recipes from the Bawi Bride Kitchen


Vasanu – A Parsi Winter Delight

Dark in colour, gritty in texture, the Vasanu is a Parsi winter delight that you will fall in love with not at first sight, but with your first bite!

Pomegranate Bark_300x225

A Pomegranate Bark for Yalda

Yalda, an ancient Persian winter solstice festival falls on December 21. Celebrate it with some delicious Pomegranate Bark

Kid Gosht_300x225

BawaPapu’s Kid Gosht

Tender boneless mutton cooked in its own juices along with whole spices in a thick gravy, my BawaPapu’s Kid Gosht is delicious enough to convert Dhansak lovers into Kid Gosht lovers.

Cabbage Salad_300x225

Cabbage & Pineapple Salad

An unusual combination of vegetable and fruit that pairs to give you the perfect Parsi Ghaas-Phoos. Give it a try – you won’t regret it.

Bheeda 300x225


Cook up some Parsi style Bheeda Papeto for a quick weeknight vegetarian dinner. The Parsi favourite Papeto adds great taste to ghaas-phoos Bheeda and makes it a dish worth eating.

Khatu-Mithu Gosht 300x225

Khatu Mithu Gosht

A delectable mutton gravy that pays tribute to the Parsi love for ‘Khatu-Mithu’

Bafela Eeda Bhajiya_300x225

Bafela Eeda (Boiled Egg) Bhajiyas

My auntie tricked me into eating boiled eggs – something I detest – with these Bafela Eeda bhajiyas and I realised they were the best bhajiyas I’ve eaten in a long while. Perfect for the monsoons or when you’re craving an Eedu fix.

Caramel Custard_300x225

Parsi Style Caramel Custard

A Parsi take on the classic Creme Caramel, the Good Parsi Wife shares her family’s recipe for the world renowned bawa Caramel Custard.

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