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Recipes from the Bawi Bride Kitchen


Dodhi no Murambo (White Gourd Halva)

Much more delicious than it’s carrot counterpart, the Dodhi no Murambo is a classic Parsi dessert that’s perfect in winters but yummy to eat even throughout the year. Try making it in your kitchen today – only takes about an hour.


Boomla (Bombay Duck) na Kebab

Love Boomla’s? Now there’s a new way to get your fix of bombay ducks. Try out my Boomla na Kebabs recipe – they go perfect with Masoor!

Mithoo Dahi Cheesecake_300x225

Mithoo Dahi Cheesecake

A deliciously creamy cheesecake made with hung curd instead of cream cheese that will remind you of the Parsi classic, Mithoo Dahi with every bite you take.


Keri & Gosht Pie

My ode to the King of summer fruits, the mango is this amazing Keri & Gosht Pie. Made using ripe mangoes and spiced mutton this pie is the ultimate summer dinner and a great way to use up all the spare mangoes!

Oats Bhurji_300x225

Quaker Oats Bhurji

How can you make Oats not boring? By making Oats Bhurji of course! Here’s my entry for the Quakers’ Bring Your Tastiest Bowl of Oats Challenge – you should enter too.

Kera (Plantain) Kebabs 300x225

Kera na Kebab (Plantain Kebabs)

Deliciously crisp and tangy, these Kera (Plantain) Kebabs are a lesser known Parsi dish that is sure to be a hit with your vegetarian guests.


Cream Corn Samosa

It’s hard making a vegetarian Parsi starter without potato, paneer or egg. But now, you can try making this Cream Corn Samosa which makes for a great vegetarian appetiser but still tastes uniquely ‘bawa’.

Chicken Bafat_300x225

Chicken Bafat

A Parsi dish that was originally stolen from the Mangloreans, this Chicken Bafat is deliciously spicy and sour and is a must have in your Parsi cooking repertoire.

Travel Tales from around the world


Alibaug’s Top Coastal Treats

A weekend in Alibaug calls for over indulging on the amazing coastal food the region has to offer. Here’s my fav coastal treats from my 48 hrs in Alibaug.


A Khandeshi Sojourn in Nashik

A fun-filled weekend spent exploring Khandeshi food in Nashik on a two-day eating adventure with Wandering Foodie. Check out my experience here.

Musings by the Bawi Bride

Bawi Bride at JW Marriot_300x225

Three Years of Bawi Bride

Three years of Bawi Bride. Three years of serving up delicious home-cooked Parsi Food. And, one awesome giveaway!


Five things Bawaji taught me about life and business

My Bawaji was a simple man and his favourite phrase was ‘Walkeshwar na Pathra’. Here’s five lessons about life and business that I learnt from him as I honour his memory on the 2nd anniversary of Bawi Bride Kitchen